Please check out my Youtube Channel and my website. for more information about me, my projects, activities and such. I love meeting new people so don't be afraid to hit me up. I'm a musician and a composer by heart. I love to play electric guitar, classical guitar, bass and piano. I listen to Drum & Bass, Rock & Roll, Alternative, hardcore, and jazz. I'm also a freelance web designer. If you need a website done, feel free to message me with detailed information on what kind of website you are thinking of (themed, band/music, business, html/flash, etc). Message me for rates and examples. As far as my personal life goes, my friends and family are extremely important to me and I value each and every one of them. They've played a major role in my life thus far affecting my decisions and my goals. I can trust people very easily and can be extremely nice but once you break that or push my boundaries I can be a complete jerk. My favorite drinks tend to be Rock Star energy drinks and Acai smoothies. I'm living life like a rock star right now and loving it!