Listen Children, I'm going to tell you about this thing called House Music. Like my boy Eddie told you, "It's a spiritual thing." Yes it is. But I'm here to tell you more about what House Music means to me. House Music is healer when you don't feel good inside. House Music is a joy, yes it is, when your heart feels bad. House Music is something which picks you up when you're feeling down. Yes it is. And nobody can't steal your joy on the dance floor once the music takes a hold of you. Its all about House Music. You see everything comes together for a reason. And right now the reason why is to come together for the House Music sound, yes it is alright! Summed up about the House Music, gets all in ya and makes you feel good, makes you stomp your feet. Can't no other Music do that to ya but House Music. Let me tell you all what House Music stands for - Listen, H is for Happiness, because when you feel the music it makes you happy. and O is for Outstanding, because music fills you up. and U is for Unity, because it brings us all together. and S is for the Soul, because when you feel it, you feel it all in your soul. and E is for Eternity. You wanna know why? Because House Music will never die!