Stephanie Yanez is an American JPOP singer that resides in California. She was brought up listening to a wide range of music from all over the world. And she fell in love with the melodies and music from Japan. Her love for music eventually led her to record four songs at PARAMOUNT STUDIOS with Geneon USA and Japanese record label I’VE, known for their singer Kotoko.

Since her debut, she has been seen across the country, performing at many different Japanese Events and Music Venues. She even went to Japan to have a live performance in HARAJUKU! She has opened up for overseas Japanese artists YOUSEI TEIKOKU and shared the same stage with KOTOKO. And has now opened up for Major Record Label Artist NIKKA COSTA at The COACH HOUSE in San Juan Capistrano!

Yanez’s powerful and unique voice demands attention at live performances. Her accessible pop melodies are well balanced with edgy, alternative flavors and vocal distortions. Lyrically, she connects with audiences with clear, heartfelt messages that are well blended with metaphoric environments that paint intricate pictures of the joys and pains of life.

Stephanie is involved with many projects within the USA Japanese music scene. She is doing this all WITHOUT a label or company behind her. She is looking forward to all the different opportunities that the future holds for her. With songs written in both English and Japanese her unique voice has steadily gained fans from all different people no matter what language or race. Check out her website at STEPHANIEYANEZ.COM




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